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15.04.2024     A webinar entitled "The Individual Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights: Criminal Profiles", organised by Avvocato360 on 20.05.2024, is being planned, with Avv. Federica Liparoti and Avv. Luana Iannazzone Zindel as speakers.


15.04.2024     Federica Liparoti was a speaker at the webinar 'Drug offences', organised by Avvocato360.

09.04.2024     Federica Liparoti was interviewed in the webinar 'Building a successful career in the legal world today', conceived and moderated by Anna Elena Brolis, business coach in Milan.

19.02.2024     Federica Liparoti was a speaker at the webinar "Whistleblowing and the Supervisory Board under Legislative Decree 231/2001", organised by Avvocato360.

09.02.2024     Red Code, gender violence and Roccella Reform: the video-interviews given by Federica Liparoti have been published on Avvocato360 website.

23.01.2024     Federica Liparoti gave a lecture on the Criminal Liability of the RUP (i.e. Project Manager in the Italian public administrations) as part of the course "ABC RUP", organised by Just Legal Services - Scuola di Formazione Legale.

15.01.2024     Federica Liparoti was a speaker at the webinar "Gender Violence: Roccella Reform and news on the Red Code", organised by Avvocato360.

18.12.2023     Federica Liparoti was a speaker at the webinar "The criminal justice system after the Cartabia Reform: updates and first applications", organised by Avvocato360.

23.11.2023     Federica Liparoti was a speaker at the third edition of the Legal Innovation Conference with the speech "The criminal trial of the future: from Minority Report to predictive justice". The conference was organised by Avvocato360 on 22-23-24 November.

16.10.2023     Federica Liparoti was a speaker at the webinar "Criminal mediation and restorative justice in the Cartabia Reform", organised by Avvocato360.

25.09.2023     Federica Liparoti was a speaker at the webinar "Caivano Decree: the novelties introduced by the decree on contrasting juvenile crime", organised by Avvocato360.

07.09.2023     Federica Liparoti was interviewed on Canale Italia's Story Time radio broadcast.

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