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Law firm specialising in criminal law and prison in Milan, Varese, Como, Busto Arsizio (Italy)

Attorney-at-law Federica Liparoti, as the holder of the mandates entrusted to her, always follows directly the involved persons and companies, defining the most appropriate pre-trial and judicial strategies in the interest of her clients. She personally takes care of relations with clients, family members and appointed, both Italian and foreign costumers. On a daily basis, she deals with an international clientele, communicating directly in English or with the support of interpreters from a trusted network.

Respecting the trust placed in her and the delicacy of the matters handled, Attorney-at-law Federica Liparoti ensures that the given intellectual services are always under her direct control. This practice applies especially in the initial conceptual phase, for the setting up of procedural decisions, in the defence at trial and in the court activities, where specialised knowledge, continuous updating, experience, intuition, syntony with the client and synthesis capacity are required.

To carry out her assignments, Attorney Federica Liparoti avails herself of the synergic contribution of trusted collaborators, of proven reliability, discretion and expertise, specialised in Criminal Law and English-speaking as well. Their significant contributions are highly appreciated, also in relation to the time resources invested for the necessary in-depth studies. is a leading criminal defence law firm based in the heart of Milan, in the immediate vicinity of the Court. Advice is generally given in person, by appointment, although the firm may provide online consultancy. The services of a criminal lawyer licensed in Italy include both those that are distinguished abroad for solicitors and barristers and cover all stages from counseling to the handling of criminal cases with advocacy in criminal court trials (Federica Liparoti is well experienced as both a defense and trial lawyer).

The forensic activities carried out by the law firm are also frequently conducted in the other main centres in Lombardy and Piedmont, in particular in the cities of Varese, Como, Busto Arsizio, Monza, Lodi, Pavia, Novara and Vigevano, in addition to visits to clients in detention, most of whom are kept in the Milan San Vittore, Bollate, Opera, Cesare Beccaria, Como Bassone, Busto Arsizio and Varese jails.

Criminal defense lawyer in Milan, Italy, barrister, solicitor, attorney - criminal and prison law

Attorney-at-law Federica Liparoti, PhD, Specialist Lawyer in Criminal Law pursuant to DM 163/2020, graduated from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, with a thesis in Criminology entitled 'Capitale sociale, sviluppo umano e criminalità. Nuove prospettive politico-criminali' (Social capital, human development and crime. New political-criminal perspectives), awarded the Giorgio Ambrosoli Prize. Enrolled in the Milan Bar Association.

Attorney-at-law Veronica Camerlengo, graduated from the University of Milan, with a thesis in Juvenile Criminal Law entitled 'Gli accertamenti sull'età nel procedimento penale minorile' (The Age Assessments in Juvenile Criminal Proceedings). Enrolled in the Milan Bar Association.
Dr. Andrea Cacciola, graduated from the University of Milan-Bicocca, with a thesis in Criminal Procedure entitled 'Adempimenti risarcitori e procedimento in capo all'Ente' (Compensation and Procedure by the Authority).

Dr. Elio Reda, graduated from the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, with a thesis in Criminal Law of Economics entitled 'High Frequency trading e robo advice: profili penali' (High Frequency trading and robo advice: criminal profiles).

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