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Bar exam preparation course 2024

Attorney-at-law Federica Liparoti will teach Criminal Law, giving lectures and carrying out practical exercises, in Milan or live online, in collaboration with the Scuola Nazionale di Preparazione all'Esame di Avvocato (National School of Preparation for the Bar Examination) of Just Legal Services - Scuola di Formazione Legale and with Sole 24 Ore Formazione.


Organiser: Just Legal Services - Scuola di Formazione Legale

Course date:  14 September to 6 December 2024, Saturdays 9.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m. (duration 93 hours)

Method: Live Streaming or In a classroom in Milan

Admission requirements: Law degree

Toll-free number: 800 128 646

👉 Registration for the course presentation on 24.06.2024 at 19:00

The School's lessons take place, at the option of the subscriber, entirely by live streaming or in the classroom. The premises of Just Legal Services - Scuola di Formazione Legale are located in Milan, Via Laghetto 3 - 20122 MILAN, in the heart of Milan and a few steps from Piazza del Duomo. The venue is easily accessible: MM1 Duomo or San Babila, MM3 Duomo or Missori.

School Programme - Criminal Law Class (93 hours )

The Law School programme consists of 14 lessons of seven hours each + two hours (online) of deontology.

  • Techniques for reading, understanding, analysing and drafting procedural documents

  • The principle of legality and its corollaries. The offence in general. The constitutional model of the offence as a concrete offence against legal goods.

  • The typical fact. The conduct, offences without conduct, the omission, the consciousness and will of the action and omission, the event, the causal relationship: the limits of causal imputation and the concurrence of causes, omissive causality

  • Objective unlawfulness. General profiles and individual causes of justification. The non-codified justifying factors. Culpable excess and putative exculpation

  • Culpability. The psychological element of the crime, wilful misconduct and its forms, general and specific guilt, delegation of functions, pre-intentionality, strict liability, the psychological element in contraventions, the causes of exclusion of the psychological link, error and aberratio The concept of imputability

  • The concurrence of persons in the offence The concurrence of persons in the offence, culpable cooperation, abnormal concurrence, and the associative phenomenon

  • The attempt. The attempt and the impossible offence

  • The concurrence of offences. The concurrence of offences, the continuing offence, the apparent concurrence of norms

  • Special Part I. Crimes against the person

  • Special Section II. Crimes against the family

  • Special Section III. Crimes against sexual freedom

  • Special Part IV. On crimes against property

  • Possible exam track

  • Principles of forensic ethics (online only)

Corso preparazione esame avvocato 2024 JLS Sole 24 ore
Bar exam preparation course 2024
Bar exam course Just Legal Services Il Sole 24 Ore - Avv. Federica Liparoti
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