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Free legal aid

Italian qualified criminal lawyer in Milan, Italy - free legal aid - gratuito patrocinio

Attorney-at-law Federica Liparoti is registered on the Italian list of qualified lawyers for free legal aid in criminal matters (an initiative similar to pro bono assistance and trial defence, known in Italy as 'gratuito patrocinio' or 'patrocinio a spese dello Stato'), which guarantees free legal assistance and defence in court to persons with an annual income not exceeding €12,838.01.

Legal costs and the lawyer's fee are borne entirely by the Italian State.

Free legal aid in criminal proceedings may be provided to persons under investigation, defendants, civil defendants, persons injured by the crime and civil parties, persons liable for fines.

Attorney Federica Liparoti also assists victims of the following crimes free of charge at all stages of the proceedings - regardless of income - pursuant to Article 76 paragraph IV of Presidential Decree 115/2002:

​Free lawyer for foreigners Milan. Legal counsel to victims of human rights violations.

gratuito patrocinio Milano Varese Como Monza avvocato penalista patrocinio a spese stato
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