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Building a successful career in the legal world today

Attorney-at-law Federica Liparoti was interviewed with lawyers Giuseppe Matarazzo and Federico Carolla as part of the webinar 'Building a Successful Career in the Legal World Today', conceived and moderated by Anna Elena Brolis.


Organiser: Avvocato 360

Date: 09 April 2024, 17.00 - 18.40


  • Avv. Federica Liparoti, Criminal defense lawyer and PhD in Criminal Law

  • Avv. Giuseppe Matarazzo, Employment Lawyer, Matarazzo Studio Legale

  • Avv. Federico Carolla, Expert Compensation, Intesa Sanpaolo

  • Avv. Anna Elena Brolis, Business Coach and Trainer in Milan

Building a Successful Career in the Legal World Today
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