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Sex crimes: sexual assault, rape, sexual offences, revenge porn, etc.

Criminal defense lawyer / solicitor / barrister / attorney in Milan, Italy. Sexual violence, rape, sex offences.

Attorney-at-law Federica Liparoti, a criminal defense lawyer admitted to the Milan Bar, owner of the law firm of the same name in Milan (Italy) and a PhD in Criminal Law, assists victims of sex crimes, gender violence and 'Red Code' Italian Law's related crimes (sexual assault, rape, sexual offences, revenge porn, unauthorized disclosure of sexually explicit images and videos, deformation of individuals appearance through permanent facial wounds, coercion or inducement to enter marriage, wedding constriction, breach of the injunction to stay away from the family home and of the prohibition to visit places frequented by the offended person, etc.) free of charge at all stages of the proceedings - regardless of income - pursuant to Article 76 paragraph IV of Presidential Decree 115/2002. This procedure, which in Italy is called 'gratuito patrocinio' or 'patrocinio a spese dello Stato', is a pro bono-like initiative, in which the solicitor's fee is paid by the Italian State.

Attorney-at-law Federica Liparoti is included in the British government's list of English-speaking Italian solicitors (avvocati) specialising in rape, sexual assault and domestic violence.

Below is the text of the Italian criminal code which regulates the crime of sexual assault, followed by its translation.

Original Text:

Dispositivo dell'art. 609 bis Codice Penale

Chiunque, con violenza o minaccia o mediante abuso di autorità costringe taluno a compiere o subire atti sessuali è punito con la reclusione da sei a dodici anni.

Alla stessa pena soggiace chi induce taluno a compiere o subire atti sessuali:

1) abusando delle condizioni di inferiorità fisica o psichica della persona offesa al momento del fatto;
2) traendo in inganno la persona offesa per essersi il colpevole sostituito ad altra persona.
Nei casi di minore gravità la pena è diminuita in misura non eccedente i due terzi.

Legge 19 luglio 2019, n. 69- Tutela delle vittime di violenza domestica e di genere - il c.d. codice rosso (GU 25.07.2019)

La Legge introduce modifiche al codice penale, al codice di procedura penale e altre disposizioni in materia di tutela delle vittime di violenza domestica e di genere.


Operative part of Article 609 bis of the Italian Criminal Code.

Whoever, by violence or threat or by abuse of authority compels someone to perform or undergo sexual acts shall be punished by imprisonment from six to twelve years.

The same punishment shall be imposed on anyone who induces someone to perform or undergo sexual acts:

1) by abusing the physical or mental inferiority of the offended person at the time of the act;
2) by misleading the offended person by substituting himself for another person.
In cases of lesser seriousness, the punishment shall be decreased by an amount not exceeding two-thirds.

Law No. 69 of July 19, 2019- Protection of victims of domestic and gender-based violence - the so-called 'Red Code' (GU 07/25/2019)

The Law introduces amendments to the Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure and other provisions on the protection of victims of domestic and gender-based violence.

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