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Criminal lawyers Milan, Varese, Como, Busto Arsizio, Monza. Solicitor, barrister, attorney. Law firm in Milan, Italy.

Criminal law

Avvocato per diritto penale Milano - Avv. Federica Liparoti

Attorney Federica Liparoti defends in court her clients, whether accused, victim or civil plaintiffs, in all fields of criminal law.

In particular, the firm provides qualified legal assistance in the penitentiary sector, i.e. in trials for the most serious offences provided for and punished by the Penal Code, for which custodial precautionary measures (e.g. custody in prison) are most frequently applied, including:

  • Crimes against the person (manslaughter, murder, feminicide, personal injury, etc.)

  • Sexual offences (sexual assault, revenge porn, aiding and abetting prostitution, etc.)

  • Crimes against the family (stalking, mistreatment, etc.)

  • Drug crimes under D.P.R. 309/1990 (drug smuggling and dealing, etc.)

  • Crimes against property (robbery, extortion, theft, favouring the laundering, receiving and employment of assets or benefits of unlawful origin, firearms offences, etc.)

  • Associative and organised crime (criminal association, mafia-type association, subversive association, etc.)

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